Excited For The Future of Beer?

Get a sneak peek at what B•Society Membership will bring. It’s free to look.

As a Society We Will...


Empower Brewers and Beer Lovers

Craft brewing should be about making great beer, not navigating laws and logistics. We’re using technology to streamline production and distribution and to create direct connections between brewers and beer lovers.


Strengthen Local Communities

Most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery. In 2014, alone, they contributed $55.7 billion to the economy and created more than 424,000 jobs. We’re bringing brewers closer to the people and communities they serve. 


Enable Innovation and Growth

We’re providing brewers with data, direct customer feedback, and crowdfunding tools to take the risk out of experimentation and craft innovation. That means more groundbreaking beers for beer lovers everywhere.


How We Can Do It...


Beer tickets and bundles sold directly to fans. Brewers earn incremental revenue and drinkers get a guaranteed way to get their favorite beers.


Insight & Analysis

Spending habits, flavor profiles, market trends, and demand—know your audience with intuitive insights and valuable data. 


Discovery & Promotion

Our promotion and recommendation engine lets brewers push new products and helps fans find fresh brews.


Lower Risk of Experimentation 

Brewers will be able to Innovate and experiment without the guesswork. Test demand and pre-sell new batches before brewing.


Deeper Customer Relationships

Beer lovers and brewers can share instant feedback, ideas, and new batches promotions within our community.


Operational Streamlining 

Seamlessly integrates with existing brewery marketing and management tools to give breweries more time to focus on making great beer.